Philosophy of teaching and learning

Philosophy of teaching and learning

Teaching is teaching. No matter if it’s an active yoga class or in a classroom with chairs and tables, I believe the fundamentals of education still apply. Do you know how you learn best? What do you need from a teacher to best engage with content? I believe that learning should be student focused, and the student should focus on their process, knowing results and outcome are based on process.

Scaffolding builds upon prior experience and knowledge just as a scaffold is built from the ground upwards.

Constructivism brings the spirit of inquiry to scaffolding, allowing student to build from their foundation and begin asking questions. Social experiences as well as intellectual knowledge combine to create understanding.

You know you’ve learned something, if a behavior changes.

As a teacher, I believe in taking uncertainty and mystery out of assessment. Competency based education will guide curriculum with varied assessments. Use of rubrics can take creative individual or group work and assign feedback.

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