JOURNEYoga Pricing

Introductory Month

$50 for a month of UNLIMITED classes in prana

We want you to get your JOURNEY off on the right foot. Take your time to explore our studio, try a variety of classes, and meet some of our fantastic teachers before deciding if what we offer is for you. 

Important Info about our intro offer

  • Any students that are new to JOURNEYoga are eligible for this offer.
  • Our intro month does not need to be your first purchase, but you may only purchase it once.
  • Your month begins when you sign up for your first class.
  • Once your month begins we do not pause or grant extensions to your intro month.

OPS Class Passes

OPS passes are great for guests or for students that are combining regular classes, small group classes and sauna sessions. Please refer to our policies for any questions about extensions and expirations. OPS passes grant you the greatest opportunities at JOURNEYoga. You can combine small classes in Om, regular classes in Prana, and Sauna sessions interchangeably. 



10 OPS

20 OPS

one month - no contract

one month - 15 ops pass

If you want to hit the sauna hard and still get some yoga classes in, the 15 OPS pass if for you! This is a use it or lose it pass and it begins from the sale date for 30 days. No extensions or pauses will be granted.


One Month - prana classes only

Looking for a month of unlimited classes without the commitment of Monthly Unlimited? Purchase this hassle free pass! Does not auto-renew or allow freezes to your account. 


Monthly Unlimited Membership for classes in Prana

For the students that want to come and play and learn with us twice a week or more we offer Monthly Unlimited.

Monthly Unlimited
$130 Per Month 

Discounted Monthly Unlimited
$108 per month


  • Unlimited classes in Prana
  • Discounts on many events and offerings
  • The ability to freeze your membership when you're out of town.

The Fine Print

  • This is intended for regular classes, not specials, workshops or small groups.
  • There is an online contract that you will need to agree to.
  • There is a minimum commitment of three payments.
  • If you choose to pay by cash or check the first three payments must be paid in advance.
  • After three payments you can cancel at anytime.
  • You're guaranteed our current Monthly Unlimited price for a year
  • Freezes must be for at least one week and are available up to three times a year.
  • Seniors (age 62 and up), Penrose Square Apartment residents, and public school teachers are eligible for a discount. Discounted Monthly Unlimited is not available for purchase online. Contact or stop by the studio to sign up for discounted Monthly Unlimited.


Workshop pricing will depend on the offering. The teacher, the content, and the length will all factor into this pricing. As a guideline, most workshops are priced between $40 and $80.