Teaching to Inspire Joy and Well-Being

JOURNEYoga's vision is to cultivate a diverse community of folks who are looking to feel good, laugh a lot and live with love! Our mission will likely get us there. We are teaching to inspire joy and well-being! We run the business based on the ethics of the Yamas and Niyamas from the 8 Fold Path of Patanjali. Teachers lead with authenticity and individuality!

Park with Precision.

There is some predator towing in the neighborhood. We suggest parking in the garage. If you are in an uncovered lot of any kind, you will likely be towed. If you are parallel parked on a neighborhood street, you are likely safe however read the signs as a few streets have restrictions.

We start ontime. 

 We start onetime to protect the integrity of class and student experience. Late arrivals are disruptive. If you are on the line, have your mat down before the curtain is closed and then manage your personal needs. If the curtain is closed, we hope you will find another class soon to attend. We use the clock on the wall by the front desk as JOURNEYoga standard time.


The teachers, front desk volunteers and management are all here to help. If you have questions about your practice, or why we do things or about the business, don't hesitate to ask any of it. We are here for you!

If you are pregnant, you go to prenatal.


For your safety and enjoyment, we limit pregnant women to prenatal yoga. When you take out poses that potentially manipulate your uterus (twists, back bends and belly lying poses) and poses that require strong core engagement (planks, boat pose and many balancing poses), what's left? Instead of you doing a class and skipping 1/2 of it, we have designed a prenatal curriculum to support you with strength, a strong community and education. Read more about our prenatal classes.

We have the best worst address.

2501 9th RD S, Ste 95, Arlington, VA 22204
Yes. It is illegal to drive here so know where you are going before you leave home. 9th Road is one way, the wrong way! From the park, face the stairs to Giant and go left... which is west. We are at the far end of the building.