JOURNEYoga's Infrared Sauna

JOURNEYoga's Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna

Infrared Saunas have profound health benefits and JOURNEYoga's sauna is available to the public for a reasonable fee. 1 OPS (Om Prana Sauna) pass is $22 and a 5 OPS pass is $100. You can mix and match classes and sauna sessions!

Health Benefits
Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism
Muscle Pain Relief
Immune System Boost
Improves Appearance of Cellulite
Ease Joint Pain and Stiffness
Stress and Fatigue Reduction
Improves Skin Tone
It just feels good....



How does an Infrared Sauna work?

The infrared sauna works with the infrared light spectrum as its energy to produce heat instead of heat directly. The infrared spectrum is not visible to the human eye, so it will not be glowing red! However, the big difference is that light energy can penetrate 1.5 inches into the body surface where heat energy warms the air around the body. As the light energy penetrates the body it is more efficient at creating changes in the body. 

The infrared light energy will raise the core body temperature, stimulating blood flow and circulation, burning calories as the body attempts to cool itself through sweat. The increase in blood flow aids in many of the healing benefits as does the process of expelling sweat.

Health Benefits

Weight Loss and Increased Metabolism
In order to cool your body the body sweats. To facilitate sweating the heart must pump faster, circulating more blood and moving fluids in the body. This increase in cardiac output mimics exercise and burns calories.

Infrared reaches fat cells - fat cells are broken down and expelled from the body as CO2 and poop. It is important to stay hydrated in the sauna for many reasons, but specifically to keep yourself pooping! 

Fat cells are storage centers for energy. When you eat more calories than you immediately burn, the body stores it for future use in fat cells in one of two ways: It either increases the size of existing fat cells, or it increases the number of fat cells. As sweating increases, the blood pumps, and calories are burned, fat cells shrink and possibly die.

Muscle Pain Relief
The increase in blood flow and circulation pulls metabolic waste products away from muscle tissue and brings oxygen rich blood to the muscles to increase recovery. Before a workout it can help bring range of motion and flexibility to muscles, and after a workout the sauna keeps the metabolism high and promotes recovery of muscles.

Immune System Boost
The infrared sauna will raise core body temperature inducing the effect of having a fever; the fever is the body’s natural way of fighting infection through rapid elimination of bacteria and virus. Combine the fever effect with detoxification and the immune system is enhanced. 

The sweat glands work to expel excess heat from the body. This mechanism accesses fat cells which is why a sweaty body is greasy, not just wet. Fat cells store heavy metals, organic and inorganic toxins. Sweating releases these toxins out of the body and onto the skin. 

As the body becomes healthier and leaner, the quality of sweat changes from more oily to more watery as a sign that the detox process is/has worked. For the detox process to work the liver needs to participate. Maximize liver function through diet and abstaining from alcohol and caffeine.

Improves Appearance of Cellulite
Cellulite is not related to weigh or obesity. It is simply fat cells trapped between muscle and skin in droplet shaped areas trapped by fascia. Cellulite is usually seen in women, not men. By reducing the size of fat cells, it reduces the appearance of Cellulite.

Ease Joint Pain and Stiffness
With increased blood flow, markers of inflammation are moved more quickly through the body and tend to not settle in areas of pain and discomfort. Inflammation usually occurs to rush an immune response to an affected area. However, if it settles and does not complete the process of removing injured cells, then the inflammation itself can cause discomfort. With increased blood flow, an affected joint gets the benefit of immune response without the downside of developing inflammation. Many users report Infrared Sauna greatly decreases the chronic pain of arthritis as well as acutely injured joints.

Stress and Fatigue Reduction
Increased heat increases the healing response. For the healing response to work the parasympathetic nervous system is active (rest and digest). This in effect turns off the sympathetic nervous system and draws you into a calm state. Fatigue is reduced over time as you draw yourself out of stress mode. Sleep will improve!

Improves Skin
Profuse sweating cleans out pours, reducing acne and other blemishes. Increasing blood flow to and from skin also increases toxin release in skin cells. With increased blood flow, human growth hormone travels to damaged cells and can speed in skin cell repair. This can help clear up skin rashes, heal wounds, help control psoriasis, and eczema.

Preparation for your sauna session

Sure, you can just hop in the sauna, however, if you want to maximize the benefits, follow this protocol. You will see some are more embedded into lifestyle and others are momentary.

Drink at least a liter of fluid before entering the sauna. This can be done over the course of a few hours before entering. Hydrate!

Mineral Load
Please take a multivitamin/mineral daily. As the process of using the sauna leaches toxins, it also has the power to pull minerals from the body. 

Electrolyte Balance
As you sweat, the body loses water, as well as minerals. In the process of hydrating it may be useful to consume liquids enhanced with electrolytes, like coconut water. This can be useful before, during or after sauna use.

Wash Skin
Clean any areas of skin you are hoping to improve such as scar tissue, acne prone locations or spaces with eczema. 

Sulfur Doner Diet
For your liver to fully participate in the detoxification process, the proper nutrients need to be in the body. Eat a diet high in sulfur doner foods such as cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and bok choi. Add garlic, onions and shallots to the list. Then consider meats and eggs. So… anything that gives you stinky toots after eating it!

During a Sauna Session

Please take a water bottle into the sauna with you. Think about a bottle that is not plastic, as the heat of the sauna may cause leaching of chemicals into your water. If glass or metal, make sure you have a surface covering it so you do not burn your hands.

We request that you are modest with your coverage in the sauna with the minimum of a bathing suit. The infrared energy will penetrate clothing, so it is fine to be covered. Sometimes the sweating is more comfortable with less. 

Use a Towel
Please place a towel between yourself and the sauna. As you are detoxing we don’t want to load the sauna’s wood up with those toxins. Towels will be provided.

Respect the Quiet
This is a space for settling and easing into a few moments of stress free time. Please greet one another in the sauna, but refrain from chit chat with a stranger. If conversation is unwanted, close your eyes as a signal to the other person to please respect the quiet. If you are enjoying a session with a friend then talk away!

Share a Session
The sauna is made for three people however we will limit participants to two at a time for comfort. As you sign up, you will be able to see if anyone else is signed up. If you want to sign up with a friend look in the sign up page for availability. If you intentionally sign up together, then you may arrive together and can ignore the 15 minute stagger on start times.

Cooling Off
If you need to cool off during your session, please step out of the sauna and close the door. Leaving the door open to cool off is an inefficient use of energy as well as cools it off for the person after you.

No Cell Phones
Please do not bring your phone into the sauna.

After a Sauna Session

Please continue to drink water after your session, as you will continue to sweat and lose fluids. A traditional recovery drink for after a workout is not necessary. You don't need to calorie or protein load. Simply restore your body’s fluid and electrolyte levels.

Rinse Off
There is a rinse off shower beside the sauna. This is meant to wash away the toxins you have eliminated. Skipping the rise off may allow the body to reabsorb some of the toxins. Our shower drains with a pump system, so we request that you kindly do not allow hair or particles to wash down the drain. Please bring a personal towel for drying off… and do not use your sauna towel to dry off as it contains your detox.

If you are looking for skin benefits, after emptying your pours though intense sweating, it is beneficial to hop into a cold shower which will then close the pours a bit. 

If you are hot and not sweating, your body is not ready. Stay in for a short period of time and exit, beginning to acclimate to the heat. If you have been in and stop sweating, you need more fluids. Exit and drink water. If after multiple sessions, you feel more fatigued that refreshed, increase mineral load and/or hydration.