All Levels Flow
Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm
Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm
In Balance @ VTCRC
1900 Kraft Drive, Suite 109, Blacksburg Virginia

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All Levels Flow classes have a varied sequence. Move with us! Flow through Sun Salutations, standing postures, balance work, and floor poses. Explore deep twists, back bends, preps for inversions and arm balances. Expect to learn a little something in each class and move mindfully using your awareness to guide your practice.

Prenatal Yoga
Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm
In Balance @ VTCRC
1900 Kraft Drive, Suite 109, Blacksburg Virginia

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Prenatal Yoga will help you learn about pregnancy, form community with other mommas and prepare your body for the most comfortable pregnancy for your body. I have nearly 20 years of non-medical experience with pregnancy ranging from teaching at the Teenage Parenting Programs to being a Doula. I’ve taught over 1000 mommas in prenatal yoga classes.

One on One Classes
with Sarah Lynn at Half Asana Acres or in your own home using a video interface over the internet.

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One on One Classes are taught at Half Asana Acres, In Balance Yoga or online. If you don’t live nearby or are traveling, we can set a schedule and make a plan for your yoga practice. I also offer one one one classes for health education!

Retreats & Professional Development

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Half Asana Acres

Yoga . Nutrition . Meditation . Hiking
Stress Management

Fall 2019 Schedule

Anatomical Function - CEU’s for Yoga Teachers
Take anatomy one step further, moving from what the body is to how it works! Yoga, as a movement practice, can be amplified with conscious use of many anatomical processes.
October 5

Mantra: In Motion, Meditation and Mindfulness - CEU’s for Yoga Teachers
Learn to incorporate mantras into your life, but also your teaching style to help students make positive change in their practice and their lives.
November 2

Words about Sarah Lynn

Practicing with Sarah Lynn is the most consistent and long-term physical exercise I've ever committed to, and the closest thing I've ever had to a spiritual practice. It just felt like the perfect fit right away, and I have learned so much about myself. ~ R.G.

I so appreciate the many years of your amazing, creative, challenging classes. ~ J.G.

I taste tested many yoga teachers in the area, and without a doubt the best instruction I received was with Sarah Lynn.~K.M.

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I teach yoga to inspire joy and well-being. Individual classes allow me to guide you deeper into understanding your body and its connections. When I teach group classes I feel in harmony. I can sense how people’s differences create a more beautiful world in the same way that two notes together make a beautiful harmony.