Yoga and Acupressure for Labor

Friday September 25th

From 7:00 to 8:30 PM

Yoga and acupuncture are a fantastic duo of non-medical techniques to use during the process of labor and delivery. You will work with your birth partner/doula to learn techniques for safe and efficient movement balanced with rest and ease. Birth partners are the momma’s most important companion during childbirth. This workshop will provide valuable skills to help birth partners (spouse/family/friend/doula) provide comfort and ease to momma during labor.

Part 1: Practice Yoga Poses and Learn Pelvic Bodywork
We believe movement is important in facilitating your birth. Together, you and your partner will practice poses that encourage the progression of labor.

Part 2: Implement Acupressure Techniques
You will learn how to use acupressure points that help ease pain, relieve back labor, encourage your baby to move downward into the birth canal, support you whenever you feel exhausted, stressed, or anxious while laboring. These acupressure points in particular can be used at any time during labor and delivery, whether you are lying down, leaning on a birthing ball, or sitting in a tub of water.

Stephanie, owner of MamaChakra and a JOURNEYoga prenatal yoga teacher, was one of Njemile's acupressure success stories! Nejemile's 13+ years of experience practicing acupuncture with mommas through Fertile Living has an excellent record of success.

The class will be limited to 9 couples. A couple is a momma and her birth partner (spouse/family/friend/doula)
Each participant needs to have their own JOURNEYoga account and will sign up individually.

$25 per participant
$20 for any participant that is an Annual or Monthly Unlimited member