Family Yoga | I Like Bugs

SUNDAY, AUGUST 14th | 2:45-3:45pm

I Like Bugs: did you know that bugs practice Sauca, or cleanliness? And even if we don’t particularly like them, bugs give us a great opportunity to practice Ahimsa or non-violence by not harming them in our natural environment.


We will be discussing these Yamas and Niyamas this month as we explore Yoga through the eyes of bugs! We will work with Sun Salutations and Tree Poses as we create a safe environment for our bug neighbors, then mimic them with asana such as butterfly, spider and dead bug!


We never forget our breath in yoga and this month we will focus on Bee Breath and Butterfly Breath as we use our mouths and bodies to shape and benefit our breath.


$25 | 1 kid, 1 adult

$30 1 kid, 2 adults

$30 2 kids, 1 adult