Family Yoga | Caterpillars and New Growth

With all of this chilly weather, we’re all ready for a little warmth and sunshine in our days! This month, we will follow the Very Hungry Caterpillar as we experience new growth and share ideas about choosing healthy foods. Our philosophy focus will be on moderation (Brahmacharya) and self-discipline (Tapas). Through shared activities and asana practice, we will transform from caterpillar to butterfly to experience metamorphosis! We will move, breath and discover as individuals, partners and as a group to challenge our bodies and still our minds.

If you have little ones ages 3-9 and want to share a fun and inspiring afternoon, please join us! Each Family Yoga Workshop allows your children (and you ;) to explore breath, body and function through asana, sound and sharing. It's a great way to connect as parent and child and share light and laughter with your community!

$25 - 1 child + 1 adult
$30 - 2 children + 1 adult
$30 - 1 child + 2 adults