Family Yoga | Dragons, New Beginnings and Tapas (Self Discipline)

The New Year is a time to focus on new beginnings - join us for the first Family Yoga Workshop of the New Year! Our practice will be guided by the Niyama of Tapas, or self-discipline. As a symbol of new beginnings, abundance and prosperity, we will use the theme of the dragon to explore this concept and apply it through our practice! You and your child will explore movement as individuals and with the group as we mimic the breath and actions of dragons, and apply their symbolism through intention.

If you have little ones ages 3-9 and want to share a fun and inspiring afternoon, please join us! Each Family Yoga Workshop allows your children (and you ;) to explore breath, body and function through asana, sound and sharing. It's a great way to connect as parent and child and share light and laughter with your community!


$25 - 1 child + 1 adult

$30 - 2 children + 1 adult

$30 - 1 child + 2 adults