Gratitude and Contentment (Santosha)

Sunday November 8th
From 1:45 to 2:45 PM 

Be inspired! Cathy Burke will guide you and your children (ages 3-9) through a fun and inspiring afternoon of Family Yoga! Through asana, sound, and sharing this workshop allows your family to explore breath and body. It's a great way to connect with your child and to share light and laughter with your community!

November’s Theme is… Gratitude and Contentment (Santosha)
Fall is upon us and so is one of our favorite holidays - Thanksgiving! A time for connection, reflection, and lots of good whole food. Join us as we come together to foster gratitude for our many blessings and nurture a sense of contentment (Santosha). As friends and families we will build a gratitude forest, blossom from flower to fish, and challenge our minds and bodies with upward facing bow pose.

$25 1 Child and 1 Adult
$30 1 Child and 2 Adults
$30 2 Children and 1 Adult

Any families larger than three will need a separate adult to signup. This is necessary in order for us to manage space in the room.

Contact with any questions.