Inversion Immersion

A Four Week Series with Sarah Lynn

Sundays 9:00–10:00 AM
April 26th – May 17th

Ever heard a teacher say, “And if you have headstand in your practice, you can do it now.”? And you wonder to yourself, “When am I supposed to get this into my practice?” Now is the time and this is the way!

Inversion immersion allows you time to learn, practice, and develop necessary skills. In 4 weeks time, you will be able to change your strength and flexibility to improve your inversions. With four focused classes in a row, you will be able to set positive procedures when it comes to inversions.

It will be great to have all levels of students in the room at the same time. Learning to get you feet off the ground uses the same muscles as people that have already figured that part out. We will play and encourage each other to make progress towards your inversion goals!

$80 for Annual and Monthly Unlimited members

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